Zulfiya Returns Home


Zulfiya was ten years old when she first arrived at the LightHouse in the summer of 2000. Born in Tajikistan in a time when vaccinations were particularly hard to come by, Zulfiya was struck with Polio at a young age. Fortunately the disease only affected her right leg, and she was brought to America in order to receive treatment and physical therapy.

I can still remember Zulfiya’s first week in my home. We had a good laugh when she cleaned my floors with vegetable oil. (My floors have never been so shiny!) A tough little girl who was eager to prove her strength, she also had to be reminded often that fighting the boys was not permitted. Her feistiness did, however, help her overcome other obstacles. She claims to this day to have learned to count in English using Cheerios, and she continued to learn English and pursue her education in school and at home. Over the past ten years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch Zulfiya grow into a young woman with a good heart and contagious laugh.

Zulfiya went home to her family in Tajikistan this past weekend. While she returned home a young, educated woman, I could still see traces of the little girl I remember. Her determination, enthusiasm, and good humor are qualities I know can help her achieve her dreams. I am truly thankful to know Zulfiya, and I pray the Lord will continue to watch over her and guide her steps.

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