FAQ Children’s Medical Rehabilitation Program

Q: What paperwork is required by ISOH/IMPACT for a child to enter the children’s medical rehabilitation program (CMRP)?
A: ISOH/IMPACT needs a fully completed application, an up-to-date diagnosis from the child’s in-country physician, travel documents, and guardianship of the child.

Q: How does ISOH/IMPACT decide which children come to the United States for medical rehabilitation?
A: The children are usually referred to ISOH/IMPACT by indigenous physicians or medical personnel, or when a child is presented to ISOH/IMPACT during a mission clinic. The child’s paperwork is then submitted to ISOH/IMPACT and the appropriate medical provider in the United States for further evaluation.

Q: Who covers the cost of children who come to the United States for medical rehabilitation?
A: The physician’s services are donated; the hospital expenses are usually donated or provided for a small stipend, and all out-of-hospital expenses are covered by ISOH/IMPACT through fundraising.

Q; Where does a child stay when they come to the United States for medical rehabilitation?
A: All children and adults receiving services through the medical rehabilitation program stay stay at The LightHouse in Perrysburg, Ohio.


FAQ Internship

Q: Do interns have to be college students?
A: No, we look at the applications and determine if the applicant  qualifies.  However, we encourage intern applicants to be currently enrolled in a university, college, seminary, or technical school, or have been enrolled within the past year. We understand there are special cases when an applicant is accepted as an intern that is not currently enrolled in a university, college, seminary or technical school. All applicants under the age of eighteen must have written permission from their parents.

Q: When are internships available?
A: ISOH/IMPACT offers internships in the fall, spring, and summer, but we offer the largest selection of internships in the summer. We ask successful candidates to commit to an internship of 10 to 12 weeks.

Q: What is the application process?
A: Candidates complete their applications online. The applications are reviewed and eligible candidates are contacted for an interview with the Intern Coordinator. The Intern Coordinator then schedules interviews with managers who have projects that align with the candidates’ interests and experience.

Q: What does a typical internship look like?
A: ISOH/IMPACT internships are located in either a corporate office or a warehouse environment. Interns work alongside a manager who provides direction and oversight for the completion of specific projects. Interns are invited to participate in regular staff devotions, meetings, lunch with other interns, informational interviews, and other relevant opportunities.

Q: Does ISOH/IMPACT help to locate housing for interns?
A: Unfortunately we do not have the resources to assist interns in finding housing or transportation. However, we are available to answer questions and provide suggestions.  Sometimes there is housing available at the LightHouse.