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Aziza0910When you join Seeds of Hope with a recurring gift of $1 a day or more, you leave behind the marks of real change in the communities we serve. As a community sponsor, you don’t just impact the life of a single child — you impact an entire community!

Through the Seeds of Hope and IMPACT WITH HOPE, partners work with families and entire communities to provide microentriprise opportunities, job training skills, community feeding programs, and educational opportunities for children.

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Ministries Supported through Seeds of Hope Members Like You

The LightHouse

The LightHouse serves as a sanctuary for sick or injured children and adults… a place for mending broken bodies, bones, and hearts. The people we serve through the LightHouse come from all over the world and face medical conditions that have no treatments in their home countries.

Through Seeds of Hope, you help cover the costs for ongoing medical rehabilitation, room and board, and education needs during our guests’ stay at The LightHouse. 

Clean Water & Community Health Projects 

Almost 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to clean water. IMPACT WITH HOPE works with our ministry partners on the ground in the Caribbean, Central American, Eurasia, Middle East and the United States to provide life-saving water and filtration systems for families. We also work with local clinics and hospitals to boost access to preventative care and other basic medical needs.

Your participation in Seeds of Hope ensure that we can continue to meet the most basic needs of the communities we serve, helping families to raise their children with health and dignity.

Emergency Care for At-Risk Women & Children

In countries like Tajikistan, Haiti, and Honduras, impoverished women have no safety net. When their husbands migrate to find work or die from illness and accidents, these women and their children face unimaginable hardships.

Through our local ministry partners around the world, we work with vulnerable women and children to help them meet the costs for food, education, and basic medical care. This isn’t just a one-time deal. We are there with them month after month. When you join Seeds of Hope, you’re there, too.

Community Development

While many disaster-relief organizations move from one disaster to the next, IMPACT WITH HOPE strives to stay with communities through the long recovery process. We work with local ministry partners to provide job skills training and agriculture development.

From teaching mothers to sew and build a home-based business to providing seeds and tools for farmers, we are walking with the communities toward a better future filled with hope and possibility. So are you, when you sow Seeds of Hope.

Become a Sower of Hope!

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