The Dove Story


“Herbert,” says Morning Glory, “I am about to lay these eggs. I need to know, where are we going to live and raise our family? “Please, Morning Glory”, exclaims Herbert, “I am trying very hard, it just seems as if everyplace is taken or there is no shade, or no flowers, or the wrong kind of neighbor’s…..the world is just not safe Morning Glory!! We need to be careful……” “But Herbert”, Morning Glory interrupts, “You don’t understand!! I can’t fly much further!!

“Now, Morning Glory,…God loves us all”, says Herbert, “Consider the lilies, you know those big beautiful flowers, look, like those over there. If God can take care of them, then He can take care of us and our babies.” “Oh Herbert,” shouts Morning Glory, “Will you please stop talking and hurry up!”

( Herbert all excited) “Look Morning Glory! Look over there! Look at that place with with all kinds of humans! They have places for us to take a bath, and I see food!!” “Okay Herbert, let’s go and check this place out”, says Morning Glory, “I need to rest…my wings are tire and my tummy hurts. These eggs are very heavy in my tummy. Herbert, I think I will just stop and sit in this flower basket for a while. Whew! I didn’t know I was so….tired.”

“Morning Glory”, Herbert shouts nervously, “Watch out! There is a human coming! She has big eyes with something on them. Look at her black hair, and boy, is she tall! Tall enough to reach you, Morning Glory. Oh no! There are smaller humans with her. I don’t think she is too happy with you in her basket of flowers. What is going to happen to us”, asks Herbert.

“Herbert, be still…” Morning Glory says calmly, “Didn’t you just tell me that God loves us all and will protect us”, she reassures him, “Anyway, I cannot move. These eggs have arrived and somehow I know we cannot leave them unprotected.”

As the dove looks at the array of humans, she notices that they were just looking and were not screaming, just a sound of laughing. She thinks to herself,”Things may not be so bad here after all.” She can now see themselves, living happily in their new home in the midst of the flower basket. For some reason, she understands that everything is going to be okay. After their long hours of traveling, they had finally found the perfect place to call home…The Children’s Lighthouse!

“Little Morning Glory, Jesus says, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body…. you can have your babies in this flower baskets”, said the woman called Bebe (in Bird language, birds cannot speak English).