Operation Kitty Care Supply List

Download Your Operation Kitty Care Bucket Label
Fill a 5-gallon bucket (that has a lid) with the following supplies to help meet the needs of a family’s beloved cat in the wake of a disaster.
  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Bottled water
  • Dry or canned cat food**
  • Manual can opener
  • Cat brush
  • Cat toy
  • Cat treats
  • Cat flea collar
  • Cat collar for ID tag
  • Small first aid kit
  • Litter pan**
  • Kitty Litter**
  • Litter scoop

**Litter pan and kitty litter will need to be separate from the bucket due to their size. Dry cat food may also need to be separate.

Hint: Print this list for an easy shopping guide when you go to fill your bucket.

The Bucket Brigade is a group of volunteers and supporters who ensure that when disaster strikes here at home, across the country, or around the globe, IMPACT WITH HOPE is ready to respond with lifesaving food and relief supplies. By filling a bucket with emergency relief supplies you can help get immediate relief into the hands of families who have lost everything.


A ministry of IMPACT WITH HOPE • The Bucket Brigade

We ask that you kindly include a $5 – $10 donation for each bucket, as you are able, to help cover shipping and distribution costs.