KAH Ways to Get Involved

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Kids Against Hunger® Toledo is an outreach of IMPACT WITH HOPE with a mission of feeding malnourished children right here in Northwest Ohio and throughout the world.

Your organization can raise funds to buy the ingredients needed to package nutritious foods and then join us for a Kids Against Hunger® Toledo Packing Event.  It’s a wonderful way for children to realize that they are truly involved in addressing hunger around the world.  Just contact us and we will send you all the information you’ll need to get your organization involved! The manual food packaging process not only feeds many children; it also brings satisfaction and deep commitment to the volunteers who package it. For most volunteers, it is the ultimate hands-on contribution that, because of its simplicity, individuals of all ages can perform. Volunteers from all walks of life and society – including schools, churches, civic & scouting troops, corporations, neighborhood kids, and families, package the food for distribution to starving people all over the world.

Contact us and we can put your name on an email list to invite you to our next open packing. You can mail questions or comments to info@kidsagainsthungertoledo.org.

Through the packaging efforts of these groups, volunteers learn the importance of looking beyond themselves and towards serving the needs of others. After two hours of time spent packaging food, a group could easily have helped to create several thousand servings of food. At the end of that time they can see the buckets of food they packaged, stacked, and are ready to be sent.

Donate money for meals. Each meal costs just 30 cents!

$12 = 40 meals; $30 = 100 meals; $120 = 400 meals; $300 = 1,000 meals; $1,200 = 4,000 meals

Sponsor or Host a Kids Against Hunger® Toledo Packing Event:

We are a mobile operation and can bring our equipment and supplies to your location. We have 7 production lines that can be used to pack more meals in less time.

  • 2 hour packing event with 2 production lines (12 people/line) packing 10,000 meals = $3,000
  • 4 hour packing event with 2 production lines packing 20,000 meals = $6,000
  • 6 hour packing event with 2 production lines packing 30,000 meals = $9,000