KAH Event- July 9, 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful experience today!!!” Amelia

It was there first mission trip and let me tell you they were electrifying! This 10,000 meal pack was suppose to last at least eight hours…but it lasted only a few hours. No matter what we tried…we could not slow these kids down. They were excited and wanted to pack meals. A couple of the youngins wanted to know why they were only packing 10,000 meals. It was a moment in time when the young faces glowed and the young at heart came together to make a difference in the lives of starving children in their own community and around the world. We want to thank Trinity Lutheran & Marysville First United Methodist Church in Marysville, Ohio for sponsoring this KAH event. It is such a blessing to witness the youngins and the young at heart, come together in the Lord’s name to help hungry children and their families. Sponsor a KAH eventĀ https://impactwithhope.org/kids-against-hunger-toledo/ or make a donationĀ https://impactwithhope.org/kids-against-hunger/