Short Stories

Who Is Our Neighbor?

How can we hope to help those in need as we are instructed by the words and actions of Jesus?  First, start slow.  Consider small beginnings that are steadfast.  For example, I have a friend who visits and takes care of an elderly woman once a week and helps troubleshoot websites, then there are those who visit The […]

The LightHouse

The LightHouse: My paw pa & pa pe was always tellin us youngins not to judge anything by its appearance, especially when it is in your backyard pool. Well, just a few days ago, 8 year-old Isaiah saw somthin in the pool. He quickly declared, “there is dog poo in the pool!” BeBe stopped her […]


  The LightHouse is full of adventure and times of learning.  There has been so many discussions about fear, it was decided that  a moment in time was needed to have a simple conversation addressing…fear.  Bravely and somewhat loudly, BeBe was explaining to the youngins that everyone is afraid at some point in time – even when […]

Itsy, Bitsy and Ditsy at the LightHouse

God Will Never Forsake You! Itsy, Bitsy, and Ditsy are young hummingbirds that were born at the LightHouse.  They are wonderful little creatures and each one has its own personality, not to mention attitude. Itsy is sensitive, shy and and a bit timid.  Bitsy is very cautious, always analyzing everything.  And then there is Ditsy; […]

A New Day

It is a new day.  The morning light is shinning through the window that is showing you a clean slate that has never been written on before.  So there is hope! Yesterday is gone and the gift of today has been granted to you…so walk in it.  Walk by His grace. Walk in dependence on […]

Hide & Seek

Ten-year-old Esther recently had jaw surgery and is no stranger to the game of “hide and seek”.  Recently, she was spending some quality time with a young hearted pastor. They took a walk to the playroom in the hospital and found it closed for the evening.  While they were walking back to her room, Esther suddenly disappeared.  […]

Edvige & The Fish

Edivge, an 11-year-old girl, is from Burkina Faso, a poor country even by West African standards. This landlocked country has suffered from recurring droughts, military coups and very poor health care. Edvige, who is blind due to an inoperable brain tumor, came to the Children’s LightHouse in Ohio in hopes of receiving a miracle from […]

Where the Cotton Grows & The Roses Bloom

Over the past several years I have been thinking about all the critters and humans that our heavenly PaPa has placed at the Children’s Lighthouse. I have grown to love them all, even though, the critters and the humans tend to create an array of spontaneous uprisings. Spring seems to bring out the celebration in […]

The Chipmunk Story

Ferdinand (the Chipmunk), who speaks: Bird, Spanish, English, and Chipmunkish and some common animal language, is very lively, energetic, social, and very fast. His pudgy cheeks, large, glossy eyes (no glasses) stripes, and bushy tail makes Ferdinand one of the favorites at the Lighthouse. However, he makes some of his neighbors very nervous. Ferdinand is […]