Rich Kellogg

In New Washington, Philippines, Rich Kellogg of ISOH/IMPACT helped distribute and set up tents that were funded through donors of ISOH/IMPACT. These tents were donated to local families who are still with out shelter from Typhoon Haiyan. We would like to thank all the supporters who made this possible through prayers and funding. We are […]

All The Way From Talcoban City, Philippines

In Sheila’s words, “These are pictures in putting post from the made of cement below the ground and cocolumber in the top serves as the foundation of the house b4 roofing and flooring.( the marine plywood will serves as a flooring.this materials will good enough in the half portion of the house). When Rebecca, Yvonne, […]

All the Way From Talcoban City, Philippines

From the words of Shiela: “im happy to let u know maam that this day they finally started roofing in the other portion of the house…update of wat the carpenters done this day feb 19 morning time….they already put a cocolumber on the to of the post so that later afternoon time they can already put […]

Tacloban, Philippines Mission Trip 2014

On February 3, 2014 the ISOH/IMPACT team arrived safely in Tacloban and rested for a few hours before opening the clinic.  On the first day of the clinic in Basey, Philippines, the medical mission team saw about 220 patients. Even the youngest faces in the crowd were thankful for the help. As the children surrounded Jessica, […]

Gardening in the Philippines…

Steve Korn of ISOH/IMPACT, along with Baptist Men of New Washington Evangelical, were able to salvage a chaotic yard near Frog’s Hollow and create a beautiful vegetable garden. This project cost approximately 23,000p and was funded by a generous donor of ISOH/IMPACT. This garden is one of many ways we can reach out and help […]

Polo Elementary, New Washington, Philippines

Steve, Darell and John of ISOH/IMPACT were able to paint three classrooms at Polo Elementary School during there stay in New Washington, Philippines. ISOH/IMPACT is currently raising funds for the remaining classrooms and plan to paint them over Polo Elementary School’s summer break. We were also able to provide funding for the school shelter to be […]

The Philippines: Shiela, Delia and family in Talcoban

This was an answer to Delia’s prayer! It was a few weeks before we left for the Philippines that we received an urgent email from Malaysia on behalf of Shiela and her mother Delia. While I thought it would be impossible to find Delia in the rubble of Tacloban…I felt compelled to try. It was the […]

ISOH/IMPACT Yolanda Haiyan Disaster Relief

Over February 4th- 7th, 2014, ISOH/IMPACT and Yolanda Haiyan Disaster Relief; along with other local volunteers united in order to serve the people of San Fernando, Basey, Samar, and Tacloban, Philippines. We provided medical care, a hot meal through the soup kitchen, prayer and encouraging words, and entertainment for the little ones as they waited […]

We have arrived safely in the Philippines

Please keep Dr. Linda Greene, Rebecca Rynn, RN BSN, Jessica Kellogg, LPN and Danielle Hemmert in your prayers. They are on their way to the Philippines and will be there for two weeks. God Bless! We have arrived safely in the Philippines. Thank you for all your prayers and support! Please continue to hold us […]

Many hands make light work.

Many hands make light work. This was definitely the case on Friday when team members from ISOH/IMPACT and Yolanda Haiyan Disaster Relief gathered to continue packing supplies for next week’s medical mission trip to the Philippines. If youwould like to support this team and the ongoing relief effort in the Philippines, donations can be made […]