The Lighthouse

Esther at Dr. Gladieux’s Office

Esther is a 10 year old girl from Tanzania. She loves to play and run and be told that she is pretty. She loves to be accepted and cared about. She is a child similar in many ways to any child of ours. But Esther’s face is different. She has a congenital condition known as […]

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Mayak, (known as the LightHouse) a community based organization in Dushanbe, Tajikistan just received 44,000 pounds of relief aid from ISOH/IMPACT.

Zulfiya Returns Home

Zulfiya was ten years old when she first arrived at the LightHouse in the summer of 2000. Born in Tajikistan in a time when vaccinations were particularly hard to come by, Zulfiya was struck with Polio at a young age. Fortunately the disease only affected her right leg, and she was brought to America in […]


A long time ago, when I was about Ryma’s age, I remember asking my dad for a new bike. My dream bike was all picked out in my mind already; it was pink with tassels and a little bell to ring. When I asked Daddy for the bike, I was sure to say just how […]

Edvige & The Fish

Edivge, an 11-year-old girl, is from Burkina Faso, a poor country even by West African standards. This landlocked country has suffered from recurring droughts, military coups and very poor health care. Edvige, who is blind due to an inoperable brain tumor, came to the Children’s LightHouse in Ohio in hopes of receiving a miracle from […]

The Dove Story

“Herbert,” says Morning Glory, “I am about to lay these eggs. I need to know, where are we going to live and raise our family? “Please, Morning Glory”, exclaims Herbert, “I am trying very hard, it just seems as if everyplace is taken or there is no shade, or no flowers, or the wrong kind […]

Where the Cotton Grows & The Roses Bloom

Over the past several years I have been thinking about all the critters and humans that our heavenly PaPa has placed at the Children’s Lighthouse. I have grown to love them all, even though, the critters and the humans tend to create an array of spontaneous uprisings. Spring seems to bring out the celebration in […]

The Chipmunk Story

Ferdinand (the Chipmunk), who speaks: Bird, Spanish, English, and Chipmunkish and some common animal language, is very lively, energetic, social, and very fast. His pudgy cheeks, large, glossy eyes (no glasses) stripes, and bushy tail makes Ferdinand one of the favorites at the Lighthouse. However, he makes some of his neighbors very nervous. Ferdinand is […]

Spring at the LightHouse

When the weather is as nice as it has been the last few days, something deep in my spirit makes me long to be outdoors, to be in the presence of nature. If you listen, you can hear the world of the sky, the rustle of the leaves and the rippling of the water. They […]

Cracked China

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Fragile lives can be difficult to mend- like cracked china. Though filled with hardships from the very beginning, Siyora’s story demonstrates God’s grace and sovereignty even when faced with the impossible, such as mending a broken cracked life. Siyora was born during a time of […]