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RefugeesWhat You Need to Know: Conflict in Syria, Children, and the Refugee Crisis

Below are some fast facts about the crisis and an overview of the conflict in Syria, its impact on children, the refugee situation, and how we are helping.

The Syrian refugee crisis is considered the worst humanitarian disaster of our time.

While the 4 million Syrian refugees have relocated primarily to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, increasing numbers are attempting to reach Europe.

Number of Unaccompanied Children ‘Hugely Concerning’

More than 137,000 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Europe during the first six months of this year; some 2,000 died attempting the journey.

The “Balkan Byway,” which is perceived to be less perilous, is fast becoming the alternative route. Thousands have flooded into Serbia hoping to reach Hungary, a major entry point into the EU.

“The number of children making these journeys by themselves is hugely concerning to World Vision,” says Conny Lenneberg, World Vision’s regional director for the Middle East and Eastern Europe. “They’ve either been separated from their families, or their caregivers have been unable to afford to go with them.”

Right now, an estimated 8,000 unaccompanied refugee children are in Serbia alone. They are vulnerable to trafficking, forced labor, prostitution, and other forms of violence. With Serbia’s harsh winter fast approaching, they lack adequate food, clothing, and shelter.

Conditions are increasingly desperate for children and families affected by the conflict in Syria.

Fast Facts:

  • Nearly 12 million Syrians have been forced from their homes by the fighting; half are children.
  • At least 7.6 million have been displaced within Syria, and more than 4 million have fled as refugees in neighboring countries.
  • Increasing numbers of refugees are making dangerous attempts to reach Europe. About 51 percent of them are from Syria, the UN Refugee Agency says.
  • Children affected by the Syrian conflict are at risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused, or exploited. Millions have been forced to quit school.
  • Since the beginning of this crisis, World Vision has helped more than 2 million people in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.
  • In response to the migration toward Europe, we are now also providing aid in Serbia.

A Nation and Region Ruined by War

Syria’s conflict has devastated the nation. More than 240,000 people have been killed, including 12,000 children. One million more are wounded or permanently disabled. An upsurge in fighting has complicated aid efforts and driven some families deeper into despair.

Refugees are fleeing to neighboring countries, and increasingly to Europe. The resulting chaos in Hungary and a heart-wrenching photo from the coast of Turkey have caught the attention of the world in recent weeks.

Here’s some background information on the humanitarian needs in the fourth year of war in Syria.

How Many People Have Fled Their Homes?

More than half of the country’s population of 22 million has been forced to leave their homes. Many of them have moved multiple times since the conflict began in March 2011.

At least 7.6 million people are internally displaced (IDPs) within Syria, and more than 4 million have fled as refugees to neighboring countries.

More: A Google map perspective of a refugee’s foot journey from Syria to Serbia.

An estimated 4.8 million people are in areas of Syria that are difficult to access because of the conflict. It’s hard for aid groups to reach them.

About half of those displaced are children.

Increasing numbers of refugees are attempting to reach Europe. Of the nearly 478,000 people who have arrived to Europe by sea in 2015, 54 percent of them come from Syria, the UN Refugee Agency says.

Does the Number of Refugees Show any Sign of Slowing?

No. In the first five months of 2015, more than 700,000 people were newly displaced, including more than 430,000 within Syria.

The 4 million Syrian refugees have relocated primarily to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. Increasing numbers are attempting to reach Europe.

Since the beginning of the Syria refugee crisis, World Vision has helped nearly 2 million children and adults in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, by providing food, clean water, education, healthcare, and Child-Friendly Spaces.

We do indeed have a jet from Judah l.

IMPACT WITH HOPE & partners will be taking donations for an airlift that is scheduled to leave the first week of November.

We are being called upon to send supplies & packets of meals to children and their families who are running from ISIS and running from their homes that are engulfed by armed conflict.

We have just 30 plus days to collect & organize and send relief aid to refugees.

We need everyone’s help!

You can make a difference by:

  • By making a 100% tax-deductible monetary donation – you can provide families with safe shelter, food, water and medical supplies. Visit the bucket brigade for needed items.
  • Donate gloves, hats, socks, warm coats and sleeping blankets through Keeping Kids Warm & Kozy through the Winter.
  • Organize Kids Against Hunger packing events. The cost – .30 per meal!!! $30 provides 100 meals, $150 provides 500 meals, $300 provides 1000 meals. $1,500 provides 5000 meals, $3,000 provides 10,000 meals.