IMPACT WITH HOPE is at work to help people in crisis in storm-battered Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico as well as across several islands of the Caribbean


Half of Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico Faces Lack of Food & Drinking Water: Manna Meals That Matter

IMPACT WITH HOPE responds to the urgent needs of families devastated by the wind, rain, and storm surge of catastrophic hurricanes. Whether in the United States or abroad, IMPACT WITH HOPE Reaches Out & Serves hurting children and families with the Love of Christ.

Nearly half of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents still lack potable water one week after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the island, officials reiteratedWednesday — as locals literally scrambled to stay alive.

About 44 percent of the Puerto Rican population remains without drinking water, the Department of Defense said in a statement Wednesday. “Given the changing scope and conditions, DoD will adjust its concept of operations in Puerto Rico and transition from a short term, sea-based response to a predominantly land-based effort designed to provide robust, longer term support to [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] and [to Puerto Rico],” the statement, from Defense Department spokesman Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, read.

Meanwhile, many locals said they were struggling to find food and safe drinking water and increasingly worried about a looming public health crisis in the U.S. territory.

“This paradise has turned into hell lately in the last couple of days,” said Gregorio Cortés, a doctor from Carolina, Puerto Rico, by phone on Wednesday. Puerto Rico Facing Humanitarian Crises after Maria

In the United States, we send disaster relief units—tractor trailers stocked with equipment and supplies—to hard-hit areas and volunteer centers. In recent weeks we have transported through our Buckets Brigade; food, pet food, baby care, personal care, cleaning supplies, water, blankets, and heavy-duty shelter plastic for many thousands of people and our distributions are ongoing. IMPACT WITH HOPE & Partners have transported aid to Texas, Florida and are assisting devastated islands, including Puerto Rico, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Martin, and Antigua.

Please continue to pray for all those affected by this historic 2017 hurricane season, which has brought so much pain and suffering to so many.