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ISOH/IMPACT extends a huge thank you to the physicians who have cared for Esther

Mending broken bones, bodies and spirits

As Esther continues to recover at the hospital, there is a large group of physicians to whom we extend our most sincere and deep gratitude! First, the real hero who actually rebuilt Esther?s jaw and aligned her teeth properly: Dr. Thomas Sydlowski, Harbor Light Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. Because of his incredible generosity in sharing himself and his amazing gifts and skill, Esther?s jaw will be properly formed and functional for the first time in her life! Dr. Sydlowski?s partner, Dr. Matthew Holdship, also donated his time and skills, and assisted with the procedure, as did Rose Zaleski, Dr. Sydowski?s operating room nurse.

Dr. Lydia Donoghue, Critical Care Surgeon, harvested a rib from Esther?s chest for use in her new jaw. Dr. Pierre Vauthy has in many ways overseen some delicate parts of Esther?s care and has ensured her exemplary medical care both at this surgery and in her future procedure. Dr. Afser Shariff, ENT Physicians Inc., assisted in many ways and even came in to see Esther on his time off. We are very grateful for his contribution to her care.

The pediatric intensivists in the Pediatric ICU at Toledo Children?s Hospital have all donated their time and services, especially Dr. Jama Sy, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, and provided outstanding care for Esther during her stay in the PICU.

Dr. John DeLucia, Southwest Anesthesia Services, who examined Esther?s airway prior to surgery and who, with the help of Dr. Yasser Malik who translated for us, helped to prepare Esther for what would happen when she went in for surgery.
Dr. Richard Nelson, Toledo ENT, evaluated Esther?s airway and hearing as soon as she arrived from Tanzania, and he was instrumental in assisting ISOH/IMPACT and The LightHouse in appealing to her government to allow Esther to come to this country for healthcare. Dr. Jean Kay, JK Orthodontics, provided us with special jaw X-rays, the Panorex, to allow Esther?s initial evaluations.

And finally, ISOH/IMPACT would like to thank physician Dr. Gary Gladieux, who met Esther on a missions trip to Tanzania. Not only is Esther in the United States receiving this life-changing medical care because of him, but he has been her primary care physician and overseen her in and out of hospital care throughout every step of this journey. He has treated her as his own child, and ensured the very best medical care to her that she could receive.

Without these physicians and their generosity, The LightHouse would not be able to do what we do…save lives and bring transformations. We are tremendously grateful to each of them.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God?s grace in its various forms”. 1 Peter 4:10 

We are seeking volunteers for a minimum of 2 hours of “play time” with Esther and the only skills required are a little bit of patience and an open heart! If you would like to be a part of “The Esther Project” click here to sign up! Please also read the “Babysitting Guidelines“.

* Paperwork will need to be completed at first visit (forms available at the Lighthouse)